Carving a Path Through the Jungle of Life

Carving a Path Through the Jungle of Life.

A workshop with Mikaya Heart

We are magnificent beings who have now chosen to incarnate on Planet Earth in a very powerful illusion of physicality and limitation. The question obviously is, how does it benefit us as humans to know the above? With the help of my teachers (, I have come up with a way of teaching how we can learn to operate from a place of trust instead of fear, knowing that we, at our most basic being-ness, are eternal and cannot be harmed, even though our bodies are vulnerable.

I will be teaching this workshop in a series of 4 classes of about 3 hours each, each with a guided visualization. I will repeat the series throughout the year and offer them on-line as well as in person (here in Hawaii and perhaps elsewhere). I will probably leave a month or so between each class since the information I’m passing on cannot really be processed by the rational brain, and therefore may take a few weeks or longer to integrate. Repeating the whole series more than once might be a good idea! Ultimately, the expansion of consciousness that occurs through these workshops can take you very deep and help you to make serious life-changes that will bring more joy into your life. That’s the idea of incarnating in human form: to experience joy and learn new, expanded ways of being.

Class 1. Who or what put us here on this planet, and why? Get in touch with your guides and your inner wisdom, learn to receive abundantly from the infinite resources of All-that-is, and utilize your creative power. We are toroidal fields of energy constantly interacting with other such fields of energy.

Class 2. Wisdom is a physical sensation available to all of us: our emotions and our bodies can inform us constantly when we allow them and listen to them. We must develop new ways of relating to our bodies and to the characters that we have chosen in this lifetime. There is nothing to fear.

Class 3. Love requires acceptance without judgment: we can create our future by focusing on love no matter what appears to be going on externally. We have to be willing to be friends with everyone and everything; we can no longer blame anyone else if things go wrong, and we have to give up all forms of fighting.

Class 4. The first 27 dimensions of consciousness are delightful tools that can help create ease and peace in our daily lives on this planet. Used as mantras, the words for these dimensions can help us to leave behind old patterns of anxiety and frustration.

Please contact me ( if you are interested. The first class, which will last about 3 hours and include a guided visualisation, will be at 2pm on Sunday April 24th, in Pahoa town on the Big Island of Hawaii. Numbers are limited so please let me know you intend to come and I will send you the address. Cost is 25.oo per class and 80.oo for 4 classes if paid in advance, but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

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